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Thursday, November 5, 2009

The Peak Update!

It's a little after five o'clock and I'm sitting shoulder to shoulder with Brandon in a tree stand we set up not even two hours ago. Brandon whispered, "deer", and my heart rate started to kick up as usual. He used the grunt call a couple times and twigs began to snap. I heard it rustling through the leaves, the crunching noises became louder as the creature came closer and closer.

I saw antlers and immediately turned on the video camera and hit record. I swung the HCO 180 smoothly and quietly right onto my target, making sure I was capturing this buck. I heard Brandon look to see if I was ready and I gave him a nod. That is when a wave of adrenaline completely took me over.

My vision began to tunnel as Brandon pulled back his bow. I didn't even examine the buck, or do any fancy camera work, I just made sure the buck and little red button was displayed on the camera screen.

It all happened too fast. The whoosh of the arrow. Brandon knew it right away, turned around and celebrated. I was trying to follow the buck scamper off, but Brandon's immediate celebration meant we did it. He guaranteed it on the driveway, I recorded it and everything. "I'm going to shoot a big buck, and you're going to video tape it, tonight is the night." I am very new to hunting and videotaping, and if I wouldn't have had the HCO 180 there is no way I would have been calm enough to get such solid footage. I've said it before and I'll say it again: "If I can do it, YOU can do it."

Brandon, Ben, Greg and I got some very good footage and are going to piece together a teaser to sum up our first week of "The Peak". Stay tuned folks!


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