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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Rise to the Peak!

Honey Creek Outdoors is working on their debut DVD series- HCO Fair Chase. Brandon has had a passion for the outdoors since he could walk, but had troubles finding friends who shared that same passion until he turned 14. Luckily 14 was also when he bought a video camera and began filming his hunting adventures, giving fans a chance to watch Brandon and the gang learn and grow from kids into the fine outdoorsmen they have become.
Honey Creek Outdoors wants to target and spread the love of hunting-especially the youth. We have grown from a few boys from a small town to a Team of men, women, boys and girls from all across the country. Since this will be the last deer season to film for HCO Fair Chase Series, we figured a documentation of the "Peak of the Rut" would be appropriate for the GRAND FINALE of the first of many DVD's.
Along with hunting season's "Peak", follow the progression of The HCO 180 Line of Camera Arms, get a chance for us to introduce ourselves, and much more! Who better than Brandon and friends to bring the truth of reality hunting with a 30 day documentary of HCO's PEAK?

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